Amazon Prime Video

“He looks at you. You look at him. Violins play as your eyes meet.” It might sound like a Bollywood movie but actually this is what K-drama addiction feels like. Romantic, beautiful, and rose-tinted.

So, when Amazon Prime Video wanted to tell the world that Amazon Prime Video is the now home of the best K-drama content, we decided to make the consumers see what a K-drama fan sees everywhere. A world which is like a K-daydream. This new campaign called ‘#AnnyeongPrime’ rides on the Hallyu wave in India and taps into the ever-growing K-craze amongst the Gen Z. 

The brand launched a series of two films with the campaign line “You are dreaming of K-drama? We are streaming K-drama” that captures the insight that you long for and dream about Korean all the time until reality pulls you back into the painful present. 

Amazon Prime - Baarati ︎

Amazon Prime - Kat ︎

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