Vodafone - Never Ending Magic


To breathe new life into an already launched scheme, which gave all Vodafone prepaid customers unlimited talk-time on their local Vodafone network, with a simple recharge of Rs. 149.


With 97% of prepaid customers in India preferring to recharge their phones manually, rather than doing it online, the point of sale made it the best place to market the offer.
The “Voda Cube” was sent as a DM to all subscribing Vodafone dealers, who in turn placed it on their shop counters to generate interest. It unfolded infinitely to reveal the message, “ never ending talk-time for conversations that are never ending.”


100% of the visiting customers enquired about the offer.
The incremental sales of the scheme amounted to 25%.
The company made a profit of 15% the actual cost of investment within a month’s time.
Dealers enquired if the Voda Cube could be adapted into a give-away for their customers.