73% of kids in India are in rural areas and 80% of them don’t have access to quality education. High-speed internet could fix this, but basic connectivity is an issue.

The Everything Book by Vedantu is a game-changing patented network signal aggregator that groups multiple data blocks from weak 2G mobile networks and combines them to provide one strong “hyperspot”. By tapping into India’s network of 518 million rural telco subscribers, it lets children connect to Vedantu’s learning platform.

With full access to different subjects and levels, it was suitable for children from primary to high school and rechargeable like a mobile phone that let the kids access Vedantu’s best teachers and courses. One book became a huge library that kids could log on to from anywhere. 10 books travelled over 895 kms and are being passed between 60+ villages and counting, with a total of 50K+ hours of Vedantu curriculum being streamed till now.

It is not just a source of education but a collection of 8 illustrations done in traditional art styles that showcase the journey of real-life heroes from their struggles to success that inspires kids to fulfil their dreams. It demonstrates the power of innovation to solve real-world problems.

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