The Taliban take-over of Afghanistan in August 2021 affected many lives, especially those of women. As there were a lot of bans, that were imposed upon them, including the right to play cricket.

But sport has aways been a theatre for women to express their freedom and break the shackles of a patriarchal society. And we wanted the banned women of the Afghanistan Cricket team to have this right - albeit in the virtual world.

To make sure Afghani Women’s cricket team do not slip into oblivion, we gave them a chance to play in the ICC Women’s World Cup Finals - virtually -as the finals that could have happened.


To show our support to the Afghani Women’s cricket team, after it got banned by the Taliban, we decided to give them the chance they were robbed of - the chance to participate in ICC Women’s World Cup. Hence, we recreated the exact same team that was banned on the popular game Cricket19. We replicated each and every player of the banned Afghanistan Women’s cricket team, replicating their real skills, jerseys, jersey numbers, names, playing order, etc. in the virtual world.

Then using one of the biggest gaming platforms STEAM we made this team play virtually on the same day and time when the real ICC women’s world cup finals were taking place.

This was perhaps the first time the gaming community played for a social cause and not just for fun.

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