The Pandemic Period

Because a delay in periods calls for a delay in the campaign. 

As India was jostling with the formidable second wave of COVID-19, the whole nation was focused on the crunch of hospital beds, the mortality of the new mutant virus, the shortage of oxygen cylinders, etc., something that was caused by COVID-19 but was getting completely ignored.

Many women in Isobar, India, who were recovering from COVID-19 or joined work back post-recovery, were experiencing something that left them confused and anxious. They were missing their periods. Their menstrual cycle was acting up. And when we researched more profound, we discovered that this was happening all over the world. While a majority of women were experiencing a delay in their cycle, some were experiencing extreme pain while others were going through aggravated PCOD symptoms. Irregular cycles after recovery, heavy flows, abnormally long periods, unusual clotting of their period blood, or worsened premenstrual syndrome (PMS). To add to their problems, there was not enough research to link the two. COVID-19 and menstruation.

So, we thought that as an agency that puts its employees first and wants to ease the transition of COVID-19 survivors back to work, can we do something about it?

Isobar decided to launch its internal employee awareness campaign called “The Pandemic Period”, created for the World Menstrual Health Day, NOT on the World Menstrual Health Day. Why?

We made our campaign go through the same experience that a segment of women post COVID-19 were going through. A delay

The campaign was launched with a survey video which led to a survey link across Dentsu International’s female employees who listed their queries where women were asked to share their experience and create more awareness about the subject. An expert gynaecologist then analysed the survey responses, and a workshop was set up with her to answer any worries, questions and queries that women might have.

Here we have both the initiation and the conclusion video to understand the journey of the idea. 

Case Study Film

Survey Film

Shamsuddin Jasani - Group MD Isobar - South Asia
Gopa Kumar - Chief Operating Officer
Aalap Desai – National Creative Director
Pragati Rana – Brand Strategy Head
Sreejita Chakraborty – Senior CD
Sandipan Deb – ACD Copy
Saurav Banerjee- ACD Art
Namrata Lodha – Planning Supervisor
Pratik Shringi – Group Account Manager
Prashanti Nagashree – Senior Art Director
Nitish Sarkar – Associate Producer
Pawan Kumar Routh – Senior Video Editor